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List of products by brand Novelforis

Novelforis was founded in 1988 as a company entirely dedicated to the world of automation and takes its current commercial name in 2010. Since our inception we have experienced a continuous and remarkable growth responding at all times to the demand of the main construction and installation companies. Thanks to the trust placed in us by our customers, we have become a well-established company in the world of automation, garage doors and tubular motors. We are constantly on the lookout for new items so that we can market high-quality products at very competitive prices, including the world's leading motor and electronics brands.

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Tube engines
Tube engines Novelforis for household blinds Ø45 with built-in receiver
Transmitters and tubular fittings
Emitter DOOYA 15 channels 433 MHz tubular engines for household blinds
KIT engine Novelforis for use in the manufacture of motor vehicles
Engine Novelforis for use in the manufacture of motor vehicles