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List of products by brand EMFA

The main activity of the company is the design and manufacture of mechanical and electronic mechanisms for the automation of all types of access: Canopies, doors, roll-over locks, blinds, reduction motors, control stations, radio controls, flashing lights, photocells and accessories.

The large number of materials used in the careful manufacturing process, the reliability and quiet operation, as well as the excellent finishes of our devices, have brought us recognition as a leading brand in the automation market.

With constant evolution, our company has designed and manufactured more than 150 different reference actuators, mainly oleodynamic, for door automation and access control.

There are 42 products.

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Sliding doors
Sliding engine EMFA HULK "High Speed" and Brushless technology 48V intensive use, doors up to 1800/2500 KG
Safety belts
Mechanical safety belt EMFA 70 mm with micro-switches
Sliding doors
Engine EMFA Skyline 24V sliding doors up to 600 kg
Machinery for making pulp of fibrous cellulosic material
Hydraulic lock Emfa CD NEW