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List of products by brand Beninca

For the BENINCÀ group, specialisation is a concrete choice that has materialized with the creation of 6 industrial realities that produce and sell products worldwide.

A structure that requires maximum dedication to research and development to anticipate needs and solve the most complex problems. The group's research and development department is made up of a team of mechanical and electronic engineers who work constantly to design products and systems that, through synergy between the different brands, integrate the most innovative technologies.

This merger and collaboration enables the study of highly specialised products resulting from multisectoral requirements.

There are 48 products.

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Central command Beninca THINKY for 1 230V or 400V actuator
Barriers of passage
Guardaparking Beninca versión automática o manual
Receiver Beninca Two channel ONE.2WB at 433 MHz
Machines and apparatus for the manufacture of semiconductor devices
Engine Beninca Electromechanical ZED version 230V or 24V for counterweighted residential swing doors up to 12,5m2
Parking controls
Garage crew Beninca It is a 128-bit TOGO-2VW